Is ClearChannel Clearing House Tomorrow Along With the Bush Family?

According to (who refuses to have proper blogging software and thus has no permalinks to correctly link to) and the New York Post, ClearChannel, the radio company that in St. Louis operates z107.7, 93.7 The Bull, Majic 104.9, KLOU 103.3 and 100.3 The Beat, is planning a large “reduction in force” which is the new cool executive way to say “lay offs.”  Doesn’t it sound much better?

From the New York Post:

According to three sources with knowledge of the plan, the restructuring will include layoffs across the company’s radio, outdoor advertising and international divisions as well as cuts to programming budgets and consolidation of back-office operations.

A precise headcount for the layoffs could not be obtained. Clear Channel has about 30,000 employees worldwide.

The company is also likely to move toward a “national programming” model that would require less local-level staffing, despite being criticized in the past for a similar action using centralized disc jockeys that made it appear as though they were broadcasting from local stations.

Sources said an initial round of layoffs is expected to commence next Tuesday – not coincidentally the same day President-elect Barack Obama is to be sworn into office. Clear Channel managers are hoping they can slip in the layoffs while the press is preoccupied with Inauguration Day festivities, sources said.

A Clear Channel spokeswoman declined to comment.

Once again, a bunch of old white guys trying to get away with something bad by using a black man a distraction. 

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