Hell Yeah Bitch! .com Launches PunchingKitty.com!


What the f*ck is this?

Welcome to the all new, Punching Kitty.com!  PunchingKitty.com is a site about gossip, rumors, chicks, dudes, parties, shows, editorials and all kinds of other things that lend themselves to the internet all so well with a heavy lean on St. Louis.

Why St. Louis?

Well, mainly because I live there.  Secondly, despite the belief of national media and pretty much that lives somewhere near a (real) beach, crazy shit happens in the middle of the country…and a fair amount of it doesn’t involve gang rapings of people on canoe float trips and meth.

Who are you?

I’m Mike Flynn.  My personal blog is at the mother ship of Punching Kitty:  Hell Yeah Bitch! .com and for my day job I work as [Editor’s Note: REDACTED]. I’ve been blogging for a long time and in particular, the last 2-3 years of my life have been pretty much 100% revolving around blogging in one way or another.

“What kind of  stuff will I see here?”

Well, how about concert footage submitted by you or found on the web…or rumors submitted by you (anonymously if you so choose) about any of the goings-on in the STL.  I’d love to see some crazy club photos of hot chicks, or douchey guys, or both at the same time!  Hard hitting editorials about anything in St. Louis by me, a future staffer or hopefully you.

Why the name “Punching Kitty?”

It’s not a leap to say that I like different domain names for my websites.  This one popped in my head, and here we are.  I know it doesn’t have a thing to do specifically with St. Louis, but does every St. Louis website have to have “STL” in the name?  If it helps, feel free to visualize an Arch shape in one of our abused cat logo’s curves.

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