Breaking Down Hillsboro’s Sexy Garage Burglary

These two probably thought this was all going to be some sexy stealing adventure like that movie with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sean Connery, but it cutting back to reality just showed two cracked out morons rolling around on a dirty garage floor. There are lots of questions here, so it’s time to break this thing down CSI-style! Issue #1: Why rob the house? Hillsboro, MO is in Jefferson County. Jefferson County enjoys meth…a lot. [Read More]

Nelly Offers Reward for Information About His Burglary

The Globe-Democrat is reportingthat rap star and native St. Louisan Nelly is offering a $10,000 for information that leads to the arrest of the men that broke in to his home a few weeks ago. Please note the fine print. Nelly is offering a $10,000 reward in addition to the CrimeStoppers reward for information that leads to the felony arrest (not arrest and conviction) of the person or people responsible for the burglary to his Wildwood home. [Read More]