So Basically, Every Street in St. Louis Sucks to Cross

Our fair city’s mayor loves him so social media, and he knows that people love to complain, so the other day he sent out a call on Twitter that went a little something like this: Which street that you regularly cross do you find most difficult? The mayor got tons of answers back, that he posted on his blog. Of course most of the reply tweets are crazy-hard to read because Twitter frowns on full words and sentence structure. [Read More]

Why Stop With Obama Boulevard?

Everyone knows that St. Louis has a time machine and has found a way to predict out the next 4 to 8 years. The results of their epic quest? Obama will be the best black president USA has ever had! So we’re naming a street after him! Boosh! But I say, why stop there? There’s all kinds of other street blocks that could use some fancying up! Here’s a few that we at PunchingKitty. [Read More]