Gyro House Guy: The Murder is Still Out There

These posters are up all over the Loop.

…ok. So are they saying the “perp” is a burn victim? Is he wearing a black guy mask? A robot from the future? …I really think we need to go back to the drawings of the guys…these computer sketches look weird.

RIP Gyro House Guy

We “like” lots of St. Louis restaurants, but we only love a few. Gyro House in the Loop is one of them, though sadly it’s owner was shot and killed outside of his home Friday night in Maplewood. It’s weird. We’ve seen Ahmed a lot though didn’t actually know his name until now, and never said much more to him other than “Jumbo gyro to go.” and “Thanks.” Police said Ahmed Eltawmi, 50, owner of the Gyro House in the Delmar Loop, was shot three times during a dispute and scuffle shortly after 9 p. [Read More]