Ellisville Deer Takes First Shot in War Against Humans

A deer burst out of the wilderness and rammed an Ellisville woman in to a concrete wall, sending her to the hospital. The war has begun. “It just struck her at a full run,” Metro West Fire District Battalion Chief Mike Krause said. “It’s a tremendous amount of force for a person to sustain. That’s a lot of traumatic force.” “I’ve never have seen anything like it.” Way to go hunters! [Read More]

Nelly Shooting Music Video in Local Gym? (Updated: No. Fitness Video)

Spotted by our tipmeister, a tweet by Khris Stillman (@khrisstillman) says he walked in to his local gym to get a work out in to find the suddenly busy native St. Louis rapper, Nelly shooting a video. A music video? Probably, but details are thin. All we have is Stillman’s cellphone photo (below)… UPDATE…and the fact that Nelly tweeted about it. He’s shooting a fitness video: My Fitness DVD coming soon! [Read More]