Congrats Cardinals For Being “Wildcard” Champs (or whatever)

Congrats Cardinals For Being “Wildcard” Champs (or whatever)

First off, well done Cardinals on making it past the Wild Card game and in to the NLDS! This new Wild Card game sure is fun! We hear it’s super popular in Atlanta right now. (Kidding. Even with the Cardinals winning, this game is stupid.)

For some reason we think it’s important to leave this link here to the definition of the infield fly rule. It’s really not that hard to understand.

Also, let us not forget the late timeout call that give the Braves an extra strike…to which they used to hit a 2-run home run…and don’t forget that the Cardinals were up by 3, so that little play in question might have meant nothing if the next pitch got a double play.

That is all.

Check back on Sunday for the first game of the NLDS. Not sure if we’ll live blog it, or just do a Twitter thing, but we’ll do something.

…in the meantime, look at this sad Braves fan. He’s still sad.

headline photo credit: @dgoold