Scott Halliday’s Perv Career is Starting Off Nicely

A 28-year old man, Scott Halliday, has been arrested in Springfield, Missouri for causing $2,000 dollars worth of damage to a tanning bed.

How did he do that?

He was standing on it of course!


So he could peep on the girl tanning on the other side of the dividing wall! …oh did we mention he’s a perv?

Oh and he’s also being accused of fleeing the scene when a woman busted him for the peeping.

Anything else?

Yeah. He’s also being accused of watching another woman over a similar “partial wall” at a different Springfield tanning salon.


Not done yet! He’s also currently facing charges of property damage after being accused of slashing he neighbor’s tires…wait for it…because she told him to stop calling her.

Wow, sky’s the limit for this little up-and-coming perv. After getting a slap on the wrist for all this stuff, it seems like his career path is intact. He’ll go all the way, nab a Senator’s daughter and end up getting gunned down in his own basement by Jodie Foster…but not before he stands back from the camera, opens his robe, and does that man-gina thing right when you aren’t expecting and and there’s no time to look away. You bastard!

via KSDK

[Editor’s Note: Jodie _Fost_er, not _Fish_er. We must have been all caught up her Lesbian vibe when we were writing her name.]