Violent Crime Gets Slightly More Cordial

Early Monday morning, a man shot a 17 year-old in the leg. Some people like coffee, but who are we to judge?

According to the victim, he and the suspect got into an argument around 1 a.m. on the 4100 block of Enright. The suspect, 28, then took out a gun and fired at the victim, striking him in the leg.

Well that wasn’t very cool.

The suspect dropped the victim off at an area hospital where he was listed in serious condition.

Aw. Well he didn’t have to do that! Awfully nice if you think about it.

…had to be one awkward drive to the hospital though. What do you even say? You aren’t a happy camper with your leg shot up, but if you get all pissy about it he’ll just drop your ass off wherever, which would be a tough walk. Oh the other hand, stopping for gas seemed like pushing it. “Ok, I’m going in to pay. You need anything? More paper towels maybe? … Hey! …eh, I’ll just go get you some paper towels. Oh! And they have the good coffee here!”

The police are still looking for the suspect, who is related to the victim.

via KMOV