Broncos Let Rams Have Win Because They Played One Hell of a First Half

It just seemed fair. We made it close you know? But in the end, we gave the Rams their first road win. Plus their coaches were really are very good for half the game, but we could see them starting to cry in the 4th quarter calling all those runs. — An anonymous Denver player we made up.

Yes, our young little Rams managed an elusive win on the road yesterday in Denver, but the victory wasn’t exactly clean. The Rams tried really really hard to give the game away to a Broncos team that has been beating to hell this year despite the fact they’ve been caught cheating.

This game turned out to be far more about the coaches than the players. On the Denver side, coach Josh McDaniels was introduced to a bit of booing from the home crowd, and plenty of signs calling for his firing. The coaches’ seats on the Rams side is, of course, considerably cooler, but pressure remains after another let down second half where at one point the Broncos were laying a 20-3 whooping on the far too conservatively coached Rams.

In the end, the Rams take the victory and, with the current tie-breaker in their pocket, the NFC West lead (for whatever that’s worth).

Best: Sam Bradford having his first 300+ yard game in the NFL.

Worst: Josh Brown shanking an extra point, and most of the 2nd half.

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