Cardinals Show Felipe Lopez the Door

So the Cardinals suck and Felipe Lopez knew it. So that fool had to go! He just knew too much.

In the Cardinals’ clubhouse at Busch Stadium, Lopez, who had a narrow cubby hole for a locker, had a sign affixed that read “Club Flip.” But Lopez won’t be needing that locker anymore _ and the club no longer will be in operation _ because he first was sent home from here to Florida this afternoon by manager Tony La Russa and later was granted his unconditional release by general manager John Mozeliak.

Apparently Lopez had been showing up late a lot, and thats in addition to his .139 batting average since July 28th.

“He was late yesterday. It’s not the first time,” saiid Mozeliak, who suggested this was not a good example to be setting for all the young players who have joined the club lately.

“Tony (manager Tony La Russa) and I spoke earlier today. We’ve got a lot of young players who are September call-ups this year and we want to make sure they understand the message we want heard.

“It really came down to a tipping point _ either just not play him or allow him to go home,” said Mozeliak.

So the guy was a late and setting a bad example for the kids, and the team were a bunch of underachieving “little bitches” this year, so the Cardinals instituted prison rules and shanked the first dude they could to scare the rest of those punks in to shape. Show up late? Can’t hit? Send you ass home though! Well done Cardinals.

If GM John Mozeliak is the bad-ass dad, dealing out whoopins’, Tony LaRussa must be the little woman, never wanting to be too mean to his beloved veterans. Tony what happened? Lopez screwed up right? Bad example for the kids?

“It’s not a late issue. It’s what I said. He didn’t have a role these last two weeks. There’s not an opportunity to get him in there. The organization decided that over the last two weeks, the starts are going to go someplace else and the bench time, as far as coming off the bench, is going to go someplace else.”

What?! José Vizcaíno got to hang around and never play. No, I’m sure “Flip” did nothing wrong. Colby Rasmus get your god damn feet off the clubhouse coffee table!!!

via STLToday