Celebrity Sightings in Both Apple Stores

In the last 48 hours St. Louis’ two Apple Stores have been the location of celebrity sightings! No, we aren’t talking St. Louis celebrities like Mike Bush or that shirtless guy that always sits in front of you at Cardinal games (you know the one), nor are we talking about celebrities from St. Louis. Real celebrities that I guess got lost or something.

Just yesterday at the West County Apple Store, Edin Gali, of Mad Men fame, stopped by to make a purchase. Apparently the closest Apple Store to Gali’s Bosnian home is St. Louis, which doesn’t seem right. Update: It’s not! Gali moved to St. Louis as a teenager and apparently was simply visiting home. Hat tip to our commenter Kim below.

Taking it back a day to late Sunday afternoon, the Galleria Apple store was visited by none other than Viggo Mortensen, the…hobbit? or tall hobbit? Ok, we don’t know Lord of the Rings, but he was in that right? … Oh wait! Eastern Promises! He was definitely in that. Our sources say Morensen’s ex-wife lives in the area, and while visiting, he needed a Genius Bar fix.

Thanks for visiting fellas! Come back again…there’s more to see than Apple Stores here. Also, we have some one mug you if you’d like. It’s kind of a tradition around here.