Mayor Slay Praises Reed For Red Light Camera Changes

Starting shortly after the bill reaches Mayor Slay’s desk, traffic lights that have red-light cameras will be required to have a sign at the intersection stating the cameras are in use there.  Previously the signs were just posted at the border of the county or city where the cameras were used.  Says the Mayor: [permalink]

Aldermanic president Lewis Reed has – very sensibly – closed a loophole in the City’s ordinance authorizing automated traffic camera systems. Red-light cameras work best when motorists know about the cameras.

Lewis’s bill removes a legal provision that gave the Streets Department the option of posting general warning signs about red light cameras at the city limits, instead of adjacent to the monitored locations. Although warning signs are already at every camera location in the city, Lewis’s bill reinforces the requirement.

The bill had the support of both the Police Department and the red light camera provider. I plan to sign it when it reaches my desk. 

Nice work Aldermanic President Reed!  I mean, the schools still suck, I can’t park my car in the damn street without it getting jacked, and the people’s cars that have been jacked just lost their bus line to work, but seriously every little bit helps.